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Business Solutions for Employers

As fellow business owners, we know that understanding insurance can be cumbersome. Our job is to help you simplify the maze and provide no-cost solutions that will help you keep your employees happy, healthy and on the job.  Our solutions do not require you to change any of your existing benefits or insurance broker.  We can work directly with you, the employer, or through your preferred broker partner. 


Our services focus on benefit communication and enrollment, voluntary products to enhance your benefit offering and technology and service to make the process seamless from implementation to claims.


We work with all voluntary carriers to ensure you are getting the best price, service and product for your unique situation. Our preferred carrier is Colonial Life.

Benefit Communication and Enrollment

  • We provide personal consultations for your employees to educate them on their benefit options.

  • We can provide a detailed Benefit Statement or Salary Illustration to help employees understand the true cost of their benefits.

  • We utilize cutting edge technology for all enrollments at no additional cost.

  • We will work with each client to determine the best enrollment model:
    • Group Meetings followed by personal, face-to-face consultations and enrollment.
    • Online Co-browsing for those in remote locations
    • Call center enrollment for those not able to attend in person meetings.

    Cost Saving Strategies


    • Federal Compliance
      • Are you prepared to adhere to the new federal health care mandates?  We can help you stay in compliance and avoid costly $1000/employee fines.

    • Dependent Verification and Audit
      • Imagine the impact if 3-12% of the dependents on your health plan did not meet eligibility requirements. 
      • We will verify eligibility status of all employees and provide you the data to make sure your employee's dependents have real coverage while reducing your annual premium expense. 
    • Medical Bridge Plans and Cost Sharing
      • To help offset the rising cost of health insurance, our innovative plans provide significant savings on premium expenditures while still providing cost-effective coverage
    • Wellness Programs
      • Federal law mandates that companies with 100 or more employees implement wellness programs.  We offer free programs that will satisfy these regulations and keep you in compliance.
    • Pre-tax Savings
      • Free Section 125 POP Plans
      • Increased participation in FSAs, HSAs and HRAs mean lower FiCA costs for you, the employer
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